In which films made on a shoestring budget can we see good ideas that work very well despite their simplicity?

Although Mad Max was a huge success upon its release and money was flowing in, George Miller continued to rely on his own resources to make the sequel, preferring inventiveness over more expensive methods.

A funny little example, when Max brakes suddenly at the wheel of his tanker truck to get rid of Wez, the vehicle of Lord Humungus, who was following him closely, violently hits the back of the tanker.

And as two prisoners find themselves tied to the front of Lord Humungus’ vehicle, they are crushed against the cistern.

We see their heads explode in a spray of blood.

How was this trick done?

“We didn’t mess around,” says Dean Semler, the director of photography. ” We strapped two mannequins to the front of the vehicle, and instead of their heads, we put two watermelons. And we glued a wig on top. What you see spraying out on impact is just watermelon puree!”

Budget: $6.

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