Is Quentin Tarantino in all his films?

Quentin Tarantino is not a director like the others. He is first of all a highly rated filmmaker because his films are often very successful, which is also the case for other great directors like Steven Spielberg or James Cameron. But unlike them, he appears in most of his films (but not all).

Perhaps Tarantino likes to show off. However, most of his roles as an actor are minor, even marginal. So he doesn’t stay on screen for very long, with a few exceptions.

So, to my knowledge, the only one of his films in which he has a leading role on screen is From Dusk Till Dawn , in which he co-stars with George Clooney, and plays the role of a robber on the run.

Tarantino on the left is quite credible in the role of the psychopathic robber.

Well, it’s not exactly his film since it’s directed by Robert Rodriguez. But Tarantino is the screenwriter and it’s the only film where he plays an important role as an actor, so it’s interesting to talk about it.

Aside from From Dusk Till Dawn , Tarantino’s only screen appearances are brief. For example, in Pulp Fiction , he plays Jimmie Dimmick.

Tarantino on the right. In this film, he knew how to surround himself with good actors, notably Samuel Jackson on the left.

In Inglorious Basterds , he plays a German who gets scalped at the beginning of the film.

Tarantino on the left, who doesn’t last long against Brad Pitt’s knife, who plays the most relentless Nazi hunter in cinema.

In Django Unchained , he plays Frankie, an employee of The LeQuint Dickey Mining.

An employee from the Wild West days.

But there are also films in which Tarantino does not appear, or at least hardly at all. For example, in The Hateful Eight , he does not appear at all on screen but he is the narrator. On the other hand, in Kill Bill: Volume 2 , he does not appear at all.

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