What is inside a black hole? Could it be another universe? 

inside a black hole

If you want to say that the most wonderful thing in the universe, I’m afraid it must be a black hole. The black hole is a “monster” that sucks everything. Nothing can escape from its “big mouth” as long as it is near it. So where do these materials go after being eaten by the black hole?

In fact, this question is not only curious to ordinary people, but even astrophysicists have been curious about it.

Although there are many speculations, it can be said that we humans still know nothing about the world in the black hole. We can only calculate the volume of the black hole and its visual range. We can only imagine what is inside the black hole.

When the light comes near the black hole, it reaches a gravitational limit, and even light cannot escape. This is the radius of the event horizon of the black hole. So where do light and other matter go after crossing the event horizon?

At present, most astronomers believe that there will be a singularity in the black hole, which is the place where the matter in the black hole condenses. It is small in size, but it gathers a large amount of matter in the black hole. However, it is probably not in the state of matter, but in the form of energy. In other words, the singularity is likely to be an energy ball. So what is this energy ball look like?

What kind of physical model is inside, whether it is the existence of another universe, is impossible to observe in practice, and there are different opinions in theory.

According to astrophysics, black holes are also the creators of wormholes, so some people think that black holes will connect to another universe through wormholes. Usually, this is hard to imagine, because a black hole is also a celestial body, and it is a celestial body made of matter condensed with planets like our earth, stars, and even neutron stars and white dwarfs, but the mass of the black hole is large, dense, and gravitational. That’s all.

What’s more, there is no observational evidence to show that black holes can connect to other worlds, but in theory, because the gravity of black holes is so strong that it can distort space-time, wormholes can be created, but wormholes can connect two different time-spaces.

Wormholes are a concept first proposed by Austrian physicist Ludwig Flem in 1916. Around 1930, this concept was considered valid by Einstein and Nathan Rosen when studying the gravitational field equation. Therefore, wormholes are also called “Einstein-Rosen bridges”, and they believe that instantaneous space transfer or time travel can be done through wormholes.

Some astrophysicists believe that if a star forms a black hole, its internal space-time will be perpendicular to the original space-time at the event horizon. In the uneven space-time of the universe, this structure means that the part inside the event horizon of the black hole will combine with another part of the universe, and then create a hole there. It can also be a property of a white hole (which can only spit out matter).

There is not only one kind of wormhole, it is usually made by black holes, it can connect black holes and white holes, it can also connect black holes and black holes, and it can also connect black holes with our space-time, so scientists believe that wormholes can be used as a kind of space-time Passage through.

Through it, we will be able to travel between two parallel universes or travel through the past and future. So traveling through time and space is not just a dream. In theory, it is possible to rely on wormholes.

In short, we still know very little about the nature of black holes, wormholes, and white holes. Although astronomers believe that they exist in theory, we still cannot see their true colors. The discovery of black holes has basically been confirmed. Black holes and white holes have yet to be confirmed, and many issues still need to be further explored.

If we can also discover many things predicted by most of the astronomical theories, from the proposal to the discovery, they have verified their real existence. Regarding things such as wormholes and white holes, I believe we can also see them in the near future. Then their true colors.

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