Which director knew his film wouldn’t be a success before its release and how did he know?

When director McG (Joseph McGinty Nichol) finishes filming Terminator Salvation (2009), he thinks he’s made a good film that will delight fans of the franchise.

It has Christian Bale and Sam Worthington, two talented actors, in the leading roles, Jonathan Nolan has come to touch up the script. All the lights seem green. A scene from the film is even presented as a preview at the Comic-Con show and the public is thrilled.

When the film is completed, tests are carried out within the Warner Bros studios. The film is shown to the company’s employees to get a first full-scale feedback.

The first tests go well, but McG wants to be sure and invites a few Terminator fans he chooses to dedicated forums.

And it’s when these fans leave the screening that the film’s verdict will truly fall.

“The fans didn’t like the movie,” McG would later say years later. “Jeff Robinov [former Warner executive] and I knew it was over. We looked at each other and said, ‘ Fuck! ‘”
The film wasn’t a flop, but it made just enough money to cover its costs, which was considered a failure by the studio.

McG will try to figure out why he was wrong and will end up assuming that the ending of the film was not strong enough.

Two different endings of the film were shot, and the more optimistic of the two was ultimately chosen.

In hindsight, McG would later believe that the alternate, darker ending would have given the film more depth and bite.
In this alternate ending, John Connor dies, and his body is then used as an outer shell by Marcus (who is a machine). All the heroes then come to see John Connor’s remains, but Marcus takes the opportunity to kill them all.

The resistance has failed, Skynet has won. The end.

Christian Bale was also in favor of this ending, but McG and the studio were ultimately afraid to end on such a dark note. Which also limited the possibilities of making sequels…

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