Which Harry Potter character didn’t get the ending he deserved?

Several characters could have come to mind, but after spending many months studying the characters as a whole, I will say that the one who did not get the ending he deserved was Remus Lupin, and he is not difficult for me to explain why.

First of all, because he was an excellent wizard, a wise and generous role model, he just wanted to live happily.

We talk about Harry etc because he’s the main character, but Remus also had a difficult childhood. Certainly, he had loving parents and a warm home, but his condition as a werewolf caused him a lot of pain.

Traveled from town to town as soon as his neighbors had a suspicion, he had never had any real friends before his arrival at Hogwarts, and his meeting with James Potter and Sirius Black.

For the first time, he felt included, accepted, and Dumbledore had offered him his trust. He could finally live like other children, without needing to hide, although his nature remained hidden.

An excellent student, it was as an adult that his life became complicated, not to mention the loss of his three best friends, two of whom died and the last in Azkaban, he was afraid of his lycanthropy and could not find any job, before Dumbledore, again, does not offer him this position of Professor within his school. Once again, he offered her his confidence. He had been happy but his happiness had vanished with the disappearance of his friends.

I jump back in time and go straight to meet him with Tonks.

Their story worthy of a novel (yes I’m funny, I know). For those who don’t know, they met in the ranks of the Order of the Phoenix, during surveillance missions, and Remus was quickly under the shapeshifter’s spell, but he didn’t tell her about his intentions. feelings for a long time, not thinking of deserving his love because of his condition, his nature. So he kept the secret for a long time, waiting for her to “take the first step” by telling him about feelings she had for a person, without knowing that this person was him. At first, Remus pretended not to understand this allusion, for fear of conveying his condition. He therefore accepted dangerous missions within the Order, in order to be far from the woman of his dreams. This is how after Sirius’ death, he joined a werewolf camp to rally them to Dumbledore’s cause. But, a year later, a few days after the death of Dumbledore, who had meant a lot to the Marauder, Tonks publicly proclaimed her feelings for Remus, who could only respond positively to this announcement. And although he felt like he was acting selfishly, he married Tonks in Scotland.

I’ll skip the details, and I’ll go straight to Teddy, their child.

When Tonks announced her pregnancy, a few weeks after the wedding, Remus had fled, because his old fears had resurfaced, he was not ready, and he refused to pass on his embarrassment and his curse to his child. and he went to Harry, whom he had helped only a few years before. He was happy with Tonks, but once again, his happiness had sort of vanished. He was happy with his fatherhood, but was extremely afraid on the side. It was thanks to Harry that Remus returned to his wife and his child, because he did not want to be a coward.

– But to his great surprise, young Harry, who was still only seventeen, received his offer with anger and indignation. He accused his former teacher of being selfish, calling his behavior irresponsible. 

Harry’s parents or his own parents had sacrificed everything for their children’s happiness, so he returned to Tonks, and finally let happiness into his life. To his great relief, their son had a peculiarity, but not that of his father, he had inherited his mother’s gift of shapeshifting.

He also went to thank Harry, and asked him if he wanted to be his son’s godfather, which Harry accepted with pleasure.

Unfortunately, all this happiness was short-lived because both young parents lost their lives during the Battle of Hogwarts, and that’s where I think he didn’t get the ending he deserved. Remus fought all his life to be happy, and for the happiness of others. He always showed altruism, sensitivity, immense wisdom, and Rowling ended up killing him to save Arthur Weasley.

After finally achieving happiness, he died. Of course, he would have had to live mourning the loss of the woman of his life, but he would always have had his son to make him happy, he would have seen him grow and flourish. He deserved to experience true happiness, to experience the joys his son could bring him, but he didn’t have the time.

This is really the first character that came to mind when I read this question.

(I based this answer on the Harry Potter Fandom, which is of course just my opinion. Several characters did not get the ending they deserved, like Severus Snape, for example.)

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