What films wasted a lot of food to shoot a simple scene?

The opening scene of Parfum (2006), where we witness the terrifying birth of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille on the pavement of a market, was filmed in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona, ​​which takes the place of Paris in 1738.

To recreate a period market, the production purchased 2.5 tonnes of fish and a tonne of meat, which were used to supply the stalls seen in the film.

The shots where we see the food are brief, but they contribute to the authenticity of the sequence.

However, for health reasons, not all of these foods could be consumed after filming.

On the one hand, they had remained in the open air for several days. On the other hand, they had been handled as was done in the 13th century, that is to say in disregard of all the elementary rules of hygiene and conservation.

It is also said that at the end of filming this sequence, the smell of fish and meat could be felt 10km away…

All this flesh was subsequently thrown away.

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