What’s the funniest story you heard during Johnny Depp’s trial against Amber Heard?

When Starling Jenkins, one of Johnny Depp’s bodyguards and driver, was called to testify during the trial, he recounted an anecdote that took place on April 22, 2016.

He says he arrived in the morning at the star’s penthouse , his apartment in Los Angeles, and was informed by his partner Amber Heard that she had argued the previous night with Johnny Depp and that she had thrown out the window his personal belongings in a fit of anger.

The items in question were Johnny Depp’s phone, his passport, his credit cards and everything in his wallet. Everything had been thrown into the street from the apartment’s balcony.

Starling Jenkins then sought to recover the belongings of Johnny Depp (who had left the home following the argument). But as the belongings had fallen into the street the night before, the chances of recovering them seemed slim…

Starling Jenkins.

The bodyguard then consulted with a colleague and they decided to use the phone’s location application to try to find him.

Starling Jenkins then drove off in search of the signal on the streets of Los Angeles.
After a long hunt, he finally located the location where the phone was located: Skid Row.

Skid Row is a neighborhood in Los Angeles located east of downtown. It is one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city, known for housing nearly 5,000 homeless people. It is said that it is very dangerous to venture there, even in broad daylight. 60% of crimes committed in Central Los Angeles take place on Skid Row.

When Starling Jenkins finds the phone, it is 12 kilometers from Johnny Depp’s residence.

After carrying out a quick investigation of the location where the phone is supposed to be, the bodyguard identifies the man in possession of the device. It was a homeless man who found it on the ground, with the rest of Johnny Depp’s belongings.

Starling Jenkins will negotiate with the man in question, who will agree to return the belongings in exchange for a reward of $420, which is all the cash the bodyguard had on him at the time, as well as all the food he had in his car: chicken tacos, fries, apples and Fiji mineral water.

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