What’s the most incongruous thing an actor has said about a film they were promoting?

Robert Pattinson agreed to play in Twilight a little too quickly . He had not anticipated the ordeal it would be for him.

He found the books completely stupid and hoped the films would move away from them.

Once he was stuck in the role and the machine was rolling, he waited for it to end. But with each new film release, he became more and more disillusioned and gradually began to say what he really thought about the rubbish in which he starred.

It’s very entertaining to see him vomit over films even though he’s supposed to be promoting them!

Small anthology (non-exhaustive) of quotes taken from his interviews:

“When I read the first book, I felt like it was something unfinished that wasn’t supposed to come out.”

“The author of the book, Stephanie Meyers, is a crazy person…”

“When I was reading the book, I realized that Stephanie Meyers was Bella, and that this book was some sort of sexual fantasy that she had. It was a bit like reading her diary. It made me uncomfortable. comfortable. This woman seems in love with a fictional character she created…”

“In the book, my character is described as being so handsome that it breaks your heart to look at him. Okay… Then she writes, “even in the rain, he looked like he came out of a gel commercial. hair.” That’s when I had to take a break from reading, it was so bad…”

“I don’t understand why girls like these books. It’s beyond me.”

“When you look at my character coldly, he’s a guy who’s killed 40 or 50 people. And he tells his girlfriend that he’s dying to kill her, every day. He tells her that every moment he spends with her, he wants to kill her. And she replies: “I don’t care, I love you!” Obviously, she has a big problem, this girl! And he’s not quite clear either…”

“Filming is extremely unpleasant. I have these lenses in my eyes that hurt like hell and make me look stoned or constipated, your choice.”

“The story is inconsistent. Vampires have lots of books on their history, entire libraries, and they’re all geniuses who are 300 years old or older, but when they look for info on a baby vampire, they go to Google Images ! Ridiculous…”

“Nothing makes sense in this story. Don’t try to understand. Why is my character going to high school? He’s over 100 years old! What the hell is he going to do in high school!?”

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