Are actors who have to wear dirty clothes forced to film for days in the same disgusting outfit?

It’s common for an actor to be forced to wear the same dirty outfit for days or even weeks at a time.

But although the clothes look covered in stains and dirt, they are actually clean.

Since it would be inconvenient for the actors to put on the clothes they sweated in the day before every day, we prefer to make up clean clothes so that they look dirty.

This is done with a product called “aging spray ” .

It can also be used on accessories to dirty them or artificially age them.

The costume designer takes photos of the clothes to respect the continuity of the scenes, and each day he prepares a clean (but visually dirty) outfit for the actor, applying the spray where necessary.

It is by combining sprays of different colors on clothing that we obtain a realistic result. For example, brown and black to simulate rolling on the ground.

And the advantage is that these cinema aerosols do not stain. It comes off in the machine or with a damp cloth on the rigid accessories.

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