Who are the actors who went too far for a role?

Christian Bale is known for investing himself completely in each of his roles, never shying away from any sacrifice. His spectacular weight losses and gains have already been widely commented on.

But he also did something quite extreme for a role, without much talk about it: he had all his teeth done to star in American Psycho 

“I really liked my old teeth. I kept a cast of them on a shelf at home. But playing the role of Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, it didn’t work. He’s a very superficial character, and he is incredibly narcissistic.

I looked in the mirror and it didn’t fit. A guy like that absolutely had to have perfect teeth. So I went to the dentist. He warned me that if he took out my teeth and put false teeth in their place, there was a risk that I would have a slight lisp afterwards. So, I told myself that I liked my teeth, but not so much that I would ruin the whole movie to keep them. So, I had them redone…”

Christian Bale before his operation.

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