Do filmmakers who make bad films realize that they are making a mistake?

In early 1997, Speed ​​2 was in production. Fox studio is financing the project. The film team, starting with the director, Jan de Bont, is enthusiastic.

Fox invested nearly $150 million in the budget.

Even if Keanu Reeves did not reprise his role, Sandra Bullock is there and we are convinced that the film will be a success.

Only one man seems doubtful, the new president of the studio, Bill Mechanic.

Bill Mechanic

He finds the project shaky. He doesn’t like the scenario, with this boat story that we can’t stop.

It was the idea of ​​director Jan de Bont, who refused many pitches, preferring to use his own.

Jan de Bont.

At the time, he had had a nightmare several times where a boat was heading towards an island without being able to stop it. It made an impression on him and he thought it was an excellent idea for Speed ​​2 .

“I tried to stop production of the film because I was so convinced that it would be a flop,” says Bill Mechanic 20 years later. When I learned that a storm was threatening the shoot, I tried to use it as an excuse. In vain. The big bosses at Fox were convinced that it would be a hit.

I never understood why the characters didn’t jump off the boat… A bus, I understand. But a boat! Nothing was working. The story wasn’t good, the concept wasn’t good, we didn’t have the original cast, and I felt like the only reason we were making this movie was for the special effects. . I tried to prevent the massacre, but the argument I was given internally was: “Even if it’s bad, we’ll get our money back.” Which never happens.”

And in fact, the studio boss is right.

When Speed ​​2 hit the screens in June 1997, it easily rose to the top of the box office during its first week, with 16 million dollars in revenue. Honorable result. But the following week, it will unscrew and fall by 50%. The third week it will fall out of the Top 10. Word of mouth killed the film.

“Geez, if only there was a way to get off this boat!”

Ultimately, Speed ​​2 will generate $165 million worldwide during its theatrical run. With a budget of 150 million, impossible to balance. The film recorded losses estimated at more than $100 million.

It will be one of the worst flops in Hollywood history.

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