What is the worst accident that ever happened to an extra on a film set?

To all credit, a rather terrible accident happened to an extra on the set of Lord of the Rings .

In The Two Towers , during the big battle scene at Helm’s Deep, the orcs throw large grappling hooks over the ramparts to raise their ladders.

These large grappling hooks pass over the battlements and are then pulled by the orcs so as to cling to the ramparts.

However, when filming this scene, during the first take, the machine that was supposed to launch the giant grappling hook was incorrectly adjusted and it threw the enormous grappling hook in the wrong place.

He landed behind a costumed extra who was defending the wall and hooked his leg, then dragged him at full speed against the wall, breaking his leg in the process.

In fact, the accident was so violent that the extra almost had his leg torn off.

According to Peter Jackson, it was the worst accident of the entire saga. And when we know the number of accidents that the trilogy has experienced, we can imagine the seriousness of the thing…

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