What three unrelated films can form an unofficial trilogy?

The life of spies

Impossible mission

Let’s start with secret agents who work together to fight against the most affected madmen. In Mission Impossible (let’s just take one part, for example the 3rd part, forget the others, yes I know I’m cheating a little 😄), they use their physical and mental abilities, as well as all kinds of gadgets to save the world.


Then after many years of service, the band disbanded and they were retired. But one day, one of the former members of the team must return to service to save his daughter who has been kidnapped by gangsters.

The Equalizer

At the same time, another member of the old team must also return to his old habits, when he decides to help a young girl trapped in a pimping network.

The heroic pilots


During the First World War, when the USA had not yet entered the war, American pilots volunteered to join the Lafayette squadron in France to fight the German army. It should also be noted that this squadron really existed.

Pearl Harbor

A generation later, the sons of former members of the Lafayette Escadrille also became pilots during the Second World War. In particular, they must face the surprise attack by Japanese aircraft at Pearl Harbor.

Independence Day

Decades later, their descendants who were about to party are suddenly disturbed by not-so-friendly aliens who decide to make Earth their second home. The pilots therefore return to service to save humanity… and finally be able to party as it should be.

PS: in my opinion, the first vol from 1996 is much better than the second released in 2016 and which is a total failure.

The machines rebel


During World War II, the Allies sought to get their hands on Enigma , the machine the Nazis used to code their radio messages.

An American commando therefore seizes a damaged German submarine which contains one of these famous machines and they finally manage to bring it home after a lot of adventures.

Imitation Game

Once Enigma is captured, the Allies can then examine it. Alan Turing, a brilliant British mathematician, developed an electronic machine, the “Bomb”, to decipher Enigma . This machine is considered the ancestor of the computer. Turing is then considered one of the fathers of computing and AI.


Decades later, AI has come a long way. The USA is developing Skynet to manage its defense. But things don’t go exactly as planned.

Skynet eventually escapes human control, becomes sentient and sees humanity as a threat to its existence. He therefore starts a nuclear war then builds Terminator machines to fight against John Connor and his band of resistance fighters.

All this initially to recover a poor machine from a sinking submarine.

I would like to thank Philippe Jaran for his request because I had a lot of fun answering this question.

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