Which fictional character do I most associate with?

Sherlock Holmes from the Elementary series.

Which, by the way, is in my opinion the most masterful interpretation of the role that I have ever seen (by actor Jonny Lee Miller), and a fantastic reinterpretation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ‘s novel (by series creator Robert Doherty)

Without going so far as to say that I really identify with this character because it would still be very presumptuous and arrogant to identify with a character who has an IQ of around 200 and who is almost superhuman in all areas, I am totally fascinated by his complex personality and his incredibly Cartesian view of the world, almost completely devoid of affect and subjectivity.

I find many of his characteristics in myself, but of course in a very attenuated way since I am only a fallible and imperfect human where the character is almost perfect from the point of view of intellect, his senses and his abilities deduction and observation.

But what speaks to me and resembles me the most in this character are mainly his faults: his irritability, his acerbic temperament and his lack of diplomacy or tact, his total intolerance for human stupidity and for the hypocrisy demonstrated by a lot of people (and which is probably a necessary evil in our society) question me because unfortunately I too tend to be sometimes.
Many of his setbacks, his sufferings and his failings touch me and resonate within me, since I suffer and feel them too, but to a much lesser extent and I think that this is largely due to my INTP profile.

He has no problem saying what he thinks, without any filter. He never pulls any punches to say what he thinks and can’t stand the little lies that people tell themselves or others to mitigate or call into question their errors and faults.
I am a bit like him on this point, I am capable of coldly and easily admitting my errors and my failings, and of accepting my mistakes as well as my inevitable blindness to my subjectivity when they are pointed out to me ( the most of the time we would say, since I am far from perfect ), and like him, I cannot stand when people are themselves incapable of it due to a lack of courage or open-mindedness.
To make a quick summary, bad faith and hypocrisy are, for me as for him, something unbearable, and in my youth it often happened to me to openly express all my contempt for people who behaved in a bad way. So, with age I have fortunately learned to temper my inclinations and show restraint, but I am still not safe from a misstep.

This therefore affects his life in society; being sensitive and attentive to the smallest details and clues, he sees beyond appearances and discerns without artifice what the world is in reality: a big theater stage dominated by manipulators and hypocritical tribunes as well as the people who let them do or let themselves be fooled very often knowingly and knowingly in search of mental comfort or simple intellectual laziness, preferring to listen blindly to what they want to hear and lie to themselves rather than do violence to themselves and admit the harsh reality as she is. So he can’t stand the banal exercise of socializing, chatting and the legwork that results from it, just like me.

Another trait in common, he is hypersensitive like me, and must constantly try to escape external stimuli or try to reduce them when they overwhelm his overdeveloped senses as he is assailed by the world around him and the daily bombardment. of noises, smells, sounds and lights that modern society continually imposes, which I feel myself, without of course being at its surreal level.

This hypersensitivity and this non-conformism have their downsides: he is thus subject to deep introspective crises and great attacks of melancholy, sometimes no longer supporting living in such an imperfect world, which pushed him into addiction to the heroine in this television version of the novel (where the original character was a frequent user of opium dens to manage to escape and escape his senses and his intellect for a few hours).
I understand very well this desire to be able to “turn off your brain” and I have dreamed many times of being able to press a button to stop my endless questions and reflections which prevented me from sleeping and pursued me for days, plunging me sometimes in depressive or melancholic episodes, seeing no way out of my unhappiness when, younger, I was less able to regulate these attacks of obsessive ruminations and which sometimes still assail me during periods of crisis in my life.

This is why he is my favorite character and why fascinates me more than any other I have seen; in fact, it’s in some ways a surreal, heightened and greatly exaggerated version of myself, with its good and bad sides, its strengths and weaknesses pushed to the limit, and that’s what touches and captivates me. in this character.

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